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Little Patriots Preschool is a uniquely designed, academic preschool program. Using a combination of nationally recognized curricula from BJU Press and Abeka Book, three and four-year-old students are taught Bible stories, numbers, letters and sounds, and arts and crafts. This exciting academic program is balanced with physical activities and special events that help develop cognitive, language, and motor skills.

The program is a full-week program designed with concentrated academics to allow parents to choose how many days students attend. The academics for the three-year-old program are concentrated into two days a week. The four-year-old program is designed around three days of academic instruction. On non-class days, skills are reinforced through centers, academic games, and story-time. This unique design provides a quality foundation and preparation for school attendance while providing a convenient alternative for parents who do not need or want childcare every day of the week.

Little Patriots Preschool provides before care from 6:30 until 7:45 am when the students are dismissed to class. The Little Patriots Preschool program ends each day at 11:50 am.  Students who attend after 12 noon are considered part of the after school care program. After school care ends at 6:00 pm.

The Little Patriots Preschool daycare program is one of the most affordable programs in the area. Families with two or more students in UGCS or LPP are eligible for discounted rates that can cut the cost of childcare significantly. Call today for more information about enrolling in the Little Patriots Preschool daycare program. (336) 764-3105 ext. 306.


The five-year-old kindergarten program is designed to prepare the child not only mentally, but socially and spiritually for first-grade level work. Our kindergarten lays a strong foundation, and the student learns many of the basic learning skills which will go with him throughout the rest of his life. Utilizing an intensive phonics approach, students learn to read simple sentences. Students also develop writing skills as the cursive alphabet is presented and practiced. Number skills are developed as students are exposed to addition, subtraction, time, and money. Science, health, and social studies enhance the cognitive and social development of the students, and daily Bible stories help develop godly character traits. Students must be 5 years old by October 15 in order to attend kindergarten that school year.

The culmination of the kindergarten year is celebrated with a special graduation ceremony in the spring. Parents are amazed at the accomplishments of students who are taught in a caring, wholesome, teacher-directed classroom setting.


Union Grove Christian School’s Elementary classrooms are filled with warm and caring, Christian educators who provide a Christ-centered environment which enables our students to flourish in their academic endeavors, development of talents, and Christian walk as God intends for their lives.

The academic program at UGCS is designed to promote the development of knowledge, wisdom, and critical thinking skills. Our elementary students participate in an intensive phonics-based reading program that includes regular integration of literature, writing skills, penmanship, and the overall mechanics of language. Critical thinking skills are also developed through the math and science program. The traditional courses are complemented by the rotation of computer lab, library, music, art, physical education, and Spanish.



Patriot News Summer 2021

Patriot News Summer 2021

Patriot News Summer 2021

Patriot News Summer 2021