Is Union Grove Christian School affiliated with a church?

Union Grove Christian School is a ministry of Union Grove Baptist Church.

Is Union Grove a member of or affiliated with any education associations?

Union Grove Christian School is a member of the North Carolina Christian School Association and the American Association of Christian Schools.

What are the qualifications of the teachers?

All full-time teachers must have earned a bachelor’s degree from a recognized college or university. They must be certified or working on their certification through the North Carolina Christian School Association. Union Grove seeks to place experienced professionals who are dedicated to the highest quality of classroom learning in a spiritual environment. All teachers must be born again Christians and demonstrate a vibrant relationship with God.

Is Union Grove accredited?

Union Grove Christian School is accredited by the North Carolina Christian School Association, North American Christian School Accrediting Agency, the National Council of Private School Accreditation, and Cognia.

What are the school hours?

School begins each day at 8:05 A.M. Release times are staggered according to age. The elementary and early childhood programs (K5 through 6th grade) are released at 2:45 P.M. Grades 7-12 are dismissed at 3:00 P.M. Before and after school care is available from 6:30 AM until 6:00 PM. Offices are open from 7:45 AM until 4:00 PM.

Is there an extended care program for students?

Union Grove Christian School offers extended care for children ages 3 and up. Hours are from 6:30 am until school begins and from the release of students from classes until 6:00 pm.

Is there a school uniform dress requirement?

UGCS does not have an assigned school uniform but does have a dress code that stresses modesty and neatness.

What curriculum is used in elementary school?

Five-year-old kindergarten through the sixth grade uses BJU Press and the Abeka curriculum.

What special classes are offered in elementary?

In addition to the normal academic classes, UGCS provides an opportunity for children in grades kindergarten through 6th grade to participate in music classes, physical education, computer classes, art, library, and Spanish.

Do you have AP or Honors classes in high school?

UGCS offers honors courses in English, Science, and Math for those students who qualify.  Juniors and seniors do have options in regard to earning college credit through dual enrollment programs.

What extra-curricular activities are offered in grades 7-12?

UGCS offers a number of extracurricular activities for students outside of the academic classroom environment.  Students may choose to participate in our athletics program which consists of cross country, soccer (men and women), volleyball, basketball (men and women), baseball, softball, and golf.  In the area of Fine Arts, students have the opportunity to engage in drama, handbells, choir, and art.



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